Change Consultancy

Human beings are - by nature - conservative: as a consequence, change, particularly in the workplace, is invariably a challenging process. Real engagement is fundamental to success - whether you are asking employees to embrace a new way of working or company agenda or need them to accept a difficult but necessary restructuring  process.

c:halpin believes that trust and transparency are critical to successful engagement - but often the change process takes place against a background of mistrust in which the first impulse is to play one's cards close to the chest. This is not a recipe for success: trust and transparency must start at the very top of any organisation that is sincere about the process of change. 


cc: halpin has worked with some of the world's largest companies on employee engagement and large-scale restructuring initiatives using a variety of storytelling mechanisms to secure successful outcomes for its clients. 







In this article, Iain Halpin discusses the need for organisations to adapt to the potentially disruptive - but ultimately beneficial - impact of 'nomadic' technologies.